The Madani Team is No.1 Selling Agent in All of Santa Cruz County 2015, 2016 and 2017!
Experience in current market is critical for a successful sale. We hope we can offer some invaluable Real Estate advice and expertise to you as well.
The Madani Team is Jayson Madani, Maaret Forst, Breanna Kirby, Stephanie Baker, Pete Eubank, Justin Tarantino, Tracy Peer, Scott Pavlina, Elena Hernandez-French, Malaka Thompson.

Jayson Madani REALTOR - Team Lead (831) 234-6683

Maaret Forst REALTOR (831) 359-8145

Breanna Kirby Realtor (530) 448-6700

Pete Eubank REALTOR (831) 471-7330

Stephanie Baker REALTOR (831) 325-4950

Justin Tarantino Realtor (831) 316-2095

Elena Hernandez-French Realtor (831) 345-0157

Scott Pavlina Realtor (831) 203-2549

Tracy Peer Realtor (831) 346-8384

Malaka Thompson Realtor (831) 359-8870